About Us

Our vision towards  sustainability by using renewable energy technology  led us to expand our Services and  gain  accreditation from the Clean  Energy Council of  Australia in 2008.

We have over 35 years experience in the industry and can offer a range of technically-based Electrical Support Services:

  • Design and installation of stand alone & grid connect photovoltaic systems
  • Full Electrical Contracting & Project Management
  • Energy consulting for Domestic, Commercial & Government properties

We are excited to be a part of Australians moving towards a more environmentally sustainable way of life by providing smart energy solutions thereby reducing carbon emissions and making households more energy and cost efficient.

John Willson is Accredited by the Clean Energy Council to design and install Stand-Alone and Grid-Connected Systems, with an endorsement for Wind.  He first gained this accreditation in 2008.

Eco Living in Practice

We are now a couple of years into living a self sufficient, sustainable lifestyle in Beverley, Western Australia. Our goal was to build a true Solar Passive home, powered by our very own solar and wind plant. Choosing the best orientation   of the house in relation to the sun allows the interior to warm naturally in winter and capture the breeze-ways in summer.   The house has proved to be extremely efficient and comfortable to live in.  Double glazing, plenty of thermal-mass and the perfect design layout ensures that the temperature  inside is always 7-10 degrees cooler  in summer and 10-15 degrees warmer in winter.  We have installed LED lighting throughout, adding to the energy efficiency. We are able to monitor our energy storage capacity at any time of the day and are very pleased whenever we hear the wind turbine on grey winter mornings or at night.  We've grown our own food and are raising a few little sheep.  In a couple of years, we may even have our first vintage from the vineyard! 

John and Marlene on their farm in Beverley, WA. John and Marlene on their farm in Beverley, WA.