Battery Storage

Imagine the possibility of energy independence.  Battery storage is here and offers reliable long-term backup for homes and businesses in all areas.


Can you monitor the state of charge of your battery bank? Can you tell if your batteries are beginning to deteriorate?

Are you confident that your Panels are operating efficiently?

How often are you using your back-up Generator?

We are now offering a testing and reporting service which is on the cutting edge of Technology in the Photovoltaic Industry.  This service has only ever been available in certain forms to large industry.

Grid-Connect Solar Power

As the cost of Electricity continues to rise, now more than ever Solar Power remains the cleaner, smarter, more cost efficient choice for your energy solution.

Grid-connect Solar Power

If you are already on the existing Grid, the process is simple and cost effective. We can even install a change over switch for you in the event of a power outage, and we can arrange a complimentary energy assessment of your home. Just contact us for a free quote.

Standalone Solar Power

Maybe you are moving to the Country and have found the property of your choice is quite a distance from the Grid.

Standalone Solar Power

Our Stand Alone Systems will be the solution here. We will design a system for you at the start of the project and can even offer a consultancy service for the appliances and lighting choices for your new home.

Wind power

The Perfect companion to a Solar Array is a Wind Turbine.

Wind Power

At night or on cloudy days, in most areas, the wind turbine will continue to whirl, ensuring your battery storage is plentiful. We will design and Install the project for you.